Tax Deductibility

As a registered charitable organization with the government of Canada, donations made to our organization are deductible on your Income Tax returns.
To determine the estimated amount of tax credit receivable for your donations click here:

In addition, if you are a first time donor, you are entitled to a “first-time donor’s super credit”.
This is an extra federal tax credit for money donated by first-time donors. This credit applies to monetary donations up to $1,000 made after March 20, 2013.
If you have made donations and have not been deducting the amounts, amendments to your tax returns for current and/or previous 10 years can be made. For more information on this process click here:

To confirm our registration as a charitable organization with the government of Canada you may look up our information by click here:

A donation for as little as $ 25 a month or $ 300 a year will allow a child to participate in the training and be away from criminal circles and the streets so they may live their dreams in their own native country.