Love, work, health are the true elements of bliss.


To ensure that guardians are kept up to date on social, political and other issues that may affect the advancement of orphaned children or children in exceptional need to enable them to easily integrate and succeed in unstable and difficult environment.


i) Providing advice to guardians on programs and activities designed to promote and improve the mental and physical health of orphans or children in exceptional need and their families, including sex education, alcohol and drug abuse prevention and personal hygiene;

ii) Providing orphaned children or children in exceptional need with dental and medical care.


By financing of the Canadian International Development Agency 520 pensioners and 135 orphans children received the dental therapeutic and surgical assistance. Within the framework of program 1000 educational brochures by the theme «Mouth Care» and «Struggle against Caries» were distributed in schools.

“Mouth Care” and “Struggle against Caries”

In Canada an exhibition and sale of 120 children and 35 disabled children’s handwork has been organized.

Arts and Crafts exhibitions-sale of Armenian Orphans handworks

60 children received a financial assistance, more than 450 received the aid.


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