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April 5-15, 2017

The message of our previous seminar, and its success, seems to have quickly spread and we have received inquiries from other schools of the regions of Lori and Shirak of Armenia, especially from Vanadzor and from 4 villages of named regions.

The group in Vanadzor pointed out that all our efforts up to date appeared to have been focused on the children of Yerevan and that there are many orphaned children in the outlying areas that need the seminars as much as, if not more than, the children in Yerevan.

This year, we added to our theme “Career path” the theme “Psychology of work”, leading our psychologist, the new member of our organization and the number of children reached up to 150.

In every place we were accepted by the children particularly.
In one village they were more complex, in another they were freer in their ideas and in their dreams, but in general everywhere the worst social conditions reigned, because of this, it is the education of the children who suffers most of all.
Everywhere in the eyes of the children, there was a desire to learn, to contact with a specialist who came from so far, and the greatest regret was that the time was so short to be able to receive the answers to all questions.
In one of the villages the conversation with the guests continued in the school yard after the seminar, where the children even sang with great enthusiasm.

In another, despite the rain and the bad weather the children were waiting for us impatiently.

Village of Gargar

Village of Kurtan

Village of Vardablur

Village of Saramej

The program was completed at Vanadzor State Polytechnic College S.Tevosyan, where participants had already chosen their specialty and accepted every bit of new information on career planning and work psychology.
Despite the worst road conditions and the cold, even in the schools, the participants and the organizers were very happy and satisfied with such an activity full of unforgettable impressions.

Vanadzor State Polytechnic College S.Tevosyan

NGO “Emanuel”

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