He who opens a school door, closes a prison


This goal will be measured according to the participation and reported benefits of practitioners’ involvement in mutual learning, exchange, training and capacity building activities. Researchers, experienced individuals and academic institutes are also expected to be actively involved. In the long-term we also want to measure and monitor reported benefits for children. In the frame of the next strategic plan, particular attention will be given to the development of training and capacity building activities, better exploiting the wealth of expertise existing in the network.


  • Provide specialized training sessions and seminars to assist orphaned children and children in need plan their education and training for a better future;
  • Provide physiological sessions to assist orphaned children and children in need improve their social skills to increase their employability and participation in society;
  • Building long-term partnership and relationship with educational and training institutes;
  • Seek employers and arrange apprenticeship and/or training programs to assist orphaned children and children in need advance their education and employment potential.


  • Providing full or partial tuition fees to public and private educational and training institutions qualified to provide diplomas or certificates in language training, accounting/bookkeeping, computer, general office administration or other academic courses that would further the primary purpose of the Society;
  • Providing for living allowances and/or subsidies for students where warranted through a means test;
  • Providing scholarships, bursaries and prizes for scholastic excellence.

More than 500 children participated in our Elementary informatics courses, 48 of them have been hired in various state and non-state institutions.


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