It always seems impossible until it is done
August 25-27, 2019

This time we decided to organize a seminar about choosing a profession for soldiers of the Armenian army, as well as for soldiers injured in the Four Day War in April 2016.

During the years we have heard a lot about the heroism and injuries of hundreds of soldiers, but we had never met them face to face.

On Saturday morning, August 25, our soldiers arrived at the “Alpian Violet” rest house in Aghveran,
which has become very precious to us and has supported us a lot during our seminars.

Four soldiers were in wheelchairs; this prevented them from going up to the restaurant, which was on the second floor. Seeing the problem of our beneficiaries, the management of the resort did not hesitate and brought the tables down to the first floor.
A big thank you to the staff of resort for a good meal 3 times a day and for creating all the comfort and hospitality for the boys.

Then began the seminar and the dialogues with the heroes.
Honestly, during the first session of the seminar the conversation was difficult, real heroes were sitting in front of us, who defended borders of our homeland with their lives and became handicaps.

The conversation started with a discussion about professions, on the topic of “how to choose a career path”. Over time the conversation became more and more interesting and engaging.

Taking into account the health problems of our soldiers, we had chosen such interesting professions and businesses, which could make their work more realistic.

During the breaks of the sessions, the boys had opportunities to rest by the pool, play table tennis and exchange ideas.
Serob Hovhannisyan, winner of the World Disabled Arm Wrestling Championship, also attended our seminars, who can be seen as a symbol of strength, spirit and will.

The second day of the seminar was devoted to psychological support.
With the help of Gor Abgaryan, the professional psychologist of our organization, the boys did some interesting tests and exchanged opinions, and at the end they talked about their health and daily problems.

They raised issues of legal and financial support that were so necessary for them, but which unfortunately were never resolved by the government.

I am proud to say that our two days seminar with our heroic soldiers took place in a very warm and productive atmosphere. The participants received certificates of participation in the seminar on the theme “Career Path”.

But I must also note with great regret, that our organization does not have too much resource to be able to support our heroes wounded in their problems.
I have to mention, that these heroes are not only the 12, who took part in our seminars, but unfortunately hundreds of courageous and lively boys need our support.

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